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Anras P.C. is the representative of Abelica Global in Greece, the leading global provider of actuarial services.

Anras provides actuarial and risk management services to insurance companies, pension funds, audit firms and of course to any other sector with actuarial needs, establishes Occupational Pension Funds and helps its clients comply with supervisory and/or accounting requirements.

Our values are to satisfy the high demands of our clients, to build relationships of trust and to stand out for our technical skills and competencies.

Anras is a member of the International Association of Consulting Actuaries (IACA), section of the International Actuarial Association (IAA).


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Marianna Anyfanti

Managing Director, Fully Qualified Actuary

Marianna Anyfanti is a Fully Qualified Actuary, Fellow of the Hellenic Actuarial Society (HAS), the Cypriot Actuarial Association, the European and the International Association of Actuaries. Since 2021 she has been the elected Chairperson of the Hellenic Actuarial Society, while for the decade 2014-2023 she was lecturer at Hellenic Actuarial Society in the course of Non-Life Insurance. Marianna has participated as a speaker in international conferences and has been the representative of HAS to European Association of Actuaries.

Her professional career in the insurance market began in 2003, where she worked in the actuarial departments of large-scale insurance and consulting companies (Ernst & Young, Eurolife FFH Insurance, etc.). Since then, Marianna has successfully conducted numerous actuarial studies for employee benefits under IAS 19 and for Pension and Health Funds. In addition, Marianna has been involved in all the processes and tasks of an actuarial department in insurance industry, such as capital requirements under Solvency II, analysis of profitability and reserves adequacy of insurance products, new product design, reinsurance, reporting to regulatory authorities, accounting standards etc.

Beyond the Greek insurance market, Marianna also has extensive experience as an actuary in Cyprus, Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria.

Sofia Petroulia

Fully Qualified Actuary

Sofia Petroulia has been a Fully Qualified Actuary since 1999 and she has worked in the actuarial departments of large-scale insurance and consulting companies (ING Group Insurance Company, Piraeus Finance, etc.).

She has many years of experience in actuarial valuations and pricing, as well as in audits of insurance companies. She has performed numerous calculations of capital requirements and validations according to Solvency II.

Furthermore, she has carried out large-scale projects in international insurance companies for the evaluation and claims analysis of hospital products in order to reduce costs and risk.

In addition, Sofia has extensive experience in studies for Pension and Health Funds.

Anastasios Nakis

Fully Qualified Actuary

Anastasios Nakis has been a Fully Qualified Actuary and Fellow of the Hellenic Actuarial Society (HAS) since 2003, and he has worked in the actuarial departments of large-scale insurance companies (ΑΧΑ, Generali, etc.).

He has been in positions such as Chief Actuary / Actuarial Function Holder, and he has led multiple calculations for the purposes of Technical Provisions for both Solvency II and IFRS frameworks.

He has experience in leading analysis regarding the profitability and effectiveness of several insurance sectors (life, health, motor, property, etc.) as well as reinsurance, design and pricing of insurance products, calculations and adequacy tests of technical provisions, capital requirements and supervisory reporting.

Vasilis Zacharioudakis

Assistant Actuary

Vasilis Zacharioudakis is an assistant actuary, a graduate of the Postgraduate Program in Actuarial Science and Risk Management of the University of Piraeus and a graduate of the Department of Statistics and Insurance Science of the University of Piraeus. Vasilis is in the process of attending the respective seminars and being examined by the Hellenic Actuarial Society to obtain the qualified actuary title.

Vasilis has participated in numerous calculations for employee benefits under IAS19. In addition, he has supported all the necessary calculations of liabilities and capital requirements under Solvency II for insurance companies.

Abelica Global

Anras P.C. is the representative of Abelica Global in Greece, the leading global provider of actuarial services founded in 1990 and present in more than 40 countries with more than 1,000 actuaries.

The benefits of Abelica Global are:

  1. International experience
  2. Capability of providing services around the world
  3. Information, knowledge, intellectual capital, and world-class resources from all over the world
  4. Sounder technical approach
  5. Annual conference with opportunities for update, networking, and education
  6. Annual Insurance meeting
  7. Annual Employee Benefits meeting
  8. Working groups and committees
  9. Staff secondments and learning opportunities
  10. Shared systems possibilities
  11. Interest Rates Recommendations according to IFRS for several currencies (EUR, USD, CHF, CAD, INR)